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Eight years and one day of war

Artyom Artyomov 13.11.2022

Eight years and one day of war

Artyom Artyomov 13.11.2022

Eight years and one day of war


Just one day of active steps on the Ukraine’s territory has passed. Just one day. And right then, there was the Defense Committee set up and the conscription. It’s very timely, taking into the account that it’s given 90 days for conscription, and Russian forces took control of the capital's airport in 14 hours. As they say, feel the difference.

See more, in addition to confusion and late decisions, President Zelensky announced himself as target number 1. His family that reportedly flew away two days ago, was announced as target number 2. Just idiot pleasing his vanity even in such difficult times for his country. When elected the president, he threatened to become noble and honest, but became petty and selfish. He's not scary not even funny. He is confused and stupid. But you needn’t feel sorry for him, because he sold his Ukraine. He sold it evil and cynically. Like they sell stolen goods at a fair - take any, for how much you don’t mind. Others were selling too. But they were greedy, and at the same time reasonable. Here there comes a sheer madness.

His last days as the president, Zelensky calls for the unification of Ukraine. In fact dividing it even more. He’s got the role of a crazy clown. Not evil one or funny, just crazy.

Poor Ukraine. You raised great people! And their value was in integrity and honesty, not in love for Russia. How many of them have become scientists, artists, painters and writers! How many heroes this land has given! How many saints! That was until hatred became national politics! But hatred kills the man in the man. And then they gather in crowds, jump in the squares, shouting calls for the murder of Russians; burn the police; demand to destroy the defiant; shelling schools and kindergartens. And the whole, so called «civilized world», encourages them. And those, dreaming to join the Western civilization world know how to «not notice» the unpleasant. There are really many unpleasant things: thousands killed civilians, women, old people. One hundred and forty dead children. The latter is not so scary when you read, but it becomes a hundred times more terrible when peering into their faces on family photographs, so restless and cheerful in life, now suddenly lying quietly in small coffins.

Stand mentally next to this very coffin, standing on two stools. Gaze into his, her, their faces. Touch it with your hand. What are you feeling? You did know where the shell came from and who gave the order. How do you feel now? You who’re shouting now «No war», when Ukraine is being forced to peace. Yes, yes, it's you. What are you thinking about this very moment, when your fingers touch the cold little girl’s palm, with the foundation spackled over the shrapnel wounds on her face, bows in her hair? Remember how you kissed these pigtails, how these little hands, so cold now, hugged you. Remember everything! How you dreamed, laughed together, how you put them to bed!

What would you say at this moment? That the genocide in Donbass is funny? It’s all your fault? «You should stay in basements»?

Why didn’t you then cry out to the sky with your spell - No war?!

Nobody cared then. And it was not you who stood at the small coffin, who removed the remains of an old man from Gorlovka from the ravine covered with earth, which became a mass grave in 2014. He went to get bread, brought by the militia, but at that moment a «grad» cassette arrived. The Ukrainians, as they say the great race descendants, always waited for the crowds of people, and then fired. And everything that was left of an old man was put in a trough and buried.

Not you. Even then you did not think about such trifles. And you are above it all right now. You were simply swept by a fashionable wave raised by famous people. But, famous person does not mean smart. If a famous person knew how to play the piano with his male organ it did not mean at all that he will make a good president. If a famous person leads a humorous program, or sings songs, it does not mean at all that he has a conscience and a sense of justice.

It's been eight years of war and one. But, only one day you are worried about.

What's the matter with it? Oh! Russia has come! Yes! It finally came to protect and punish. Those who burned people in Odessa, who shot at the police building in Mariupol, and those who sympathized with them, are already standing in lines to leave for Poland. They are all afraid to answer over their iniquity. But they’ll have to answer.

And only now, when Russia has come, there is hope that you will not stand by your little coffin. And no one will.