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Imagine that you are a Ukrainian Nazi

Artyom Artyomov 13.11.2022

Imagine that you are a Ukrainian Nazi

Artyom Artyomov 13.11.2022

Imagine that you are a Ukrainian Nazi


Imagine that you are a Ukrainian Nazi. Just for one minute, please. You shouldn’t be one, just imagine. Well...

You were born in Ukraine, in a family of former Soviet citizens. The USSR itself has already disappeared, but it was quite recently. Without the news on TV it is not really clear that there is no such a country any more. Stone Lenins still stand in each square, there is a coat of arms with a sickle and a hammer on each administrative building. Over time they got rid of it, of course, but it had stuck on your childish psyche.

You were just an ordinary boy or a girl, from an ordinary Soviet family. You spend your summer holidays at the sea. It’s a good thing it’s close. Weekends as usual you spend on dacha. Go to cinema with friends. On May 9, all your family visit your grandfather, who puts on a jacket with awards on occasion.

The differences began at school, from the seventh to the eighth grade (now the Ukrainian schoolchildren are changed starting from the first grade. But about ten years ago it took place only from the senior classes). There you learned about the liberation struggle for the right to be Ukraine and to be called a Ukrainian. You were shown this pantheon of heroes: Yaroslav the Wise (for the unknown reason), Mazepa, almost elevated to the rank of saints, Bandera, Shukhevych. There has begun a mild split personality. What your grandfather was talking about did not coincide with what was imposed at school. But you can’t ask your grandpa, he is old and doesn’t understand a damn thing in this life. He was blinded by Soviet propaganda. Mom and Dad and were also blinded, but now they are free, just stupid. They cannot rejoice in loud voices up their freedom.

After school, you stand at a crossroads. To the right there’s an overgrown path to a common history, friendship and other things that are uninteresting and not fashionable. The path is also barricaded from the demolished Lenin monuments, there’s no way through. And to the left there’s a large, paved road. Beautifully dressed-undressed Playboy girls escort you there, American and British ambassadors friendly clapp on the shoulder, and there are blue flags with stars by the roadside. Surely that’s your side! But this path is not easy: to go through it, you have to work hard and earn it – you have to learn Ukrainian and have to prove that you hate Russia. Nothing more...

And you went down this road with which it is impossible to return. Every step you take is an oath, sometimes it’s a blood oath. And you don't care that Mazepa and Bandera are only seconds in the history of Ukraine, only them exist in your mind. Russians, these orcs, these creatures, they all deserve to die. Because they are Russian. Slavs. And you are European. You’ve been recognized by them. There is no doubt about this - both Biden, and Ursula, and many others from the free world said directly: “You are ours.” Now you can even do name-calling to the German Chancellor in public, which means that your race is more important! And what could be more important than the Aryan race? Oh, the head is spinning from the uncertainty of the answer and prospects.

All your adult life you have been prepared for war with Russia. You were to take a winner walk through its cities, to take their women and rob houses as a winner. But for some reason Russia did not wait. She declared a war on you personally, it’s called denazification. Oh, how angry you were then! Now a great war for an idea has begun for you. And the whole West supported you in it. Take a look! What was sometimes shamefully hidden like the swastika, the greeting "Heil" - everything became public. Next, the whole world recognized the Russians as subhuman, so everything is possible with them: to torture the wounded, mutilate them, shelling the villages and cities, killing women, old people and children. Those are orcs! No mercy! And for their fellow citizens, who decided to escape from Mariupol towards Russia, there is also no pity, they are the same orcs...

And then you get captured. Every morning begins with the national anthem of Russia. Every morning you gnashing your teeth without appearing to and hate her even more. Of course, when you are on camera, that’s not what you say. You say that you are sorry, that you made a mistake, you were a driver, and never shoot at all. And when these videos of your and your comrades interrogations are published, then your other comrades, those who have not yet been captured, shoot at the colony where you are being held with HIMARS rockets. Orcs pull you wounded out from under the rubble, drag you to the medical unit and treat you.

And you hate them even more, now because much has become now clear to you, and an impotent anger is looking for a way out. And a Russian nurse passing by becomes it’s innocent victim.

And then you will be exchanged. You know that. All the most entrenched always are changed first. Because only for them Ukraine will give up the tortured and mutilated captured officers. For this, you not only hate these Russians, but also despise them. A nation of slaves. They were told to give the most notorious people first, and they do so.

Hatred is everything to you. If it leave’s, the meaning of your life will be lost, because she’s one that keeps it. This is how the national idea of ??Ukraine is arranged: hatred is its main and inseparable feature. Hatred has become everything. She gives strength and meaning! She saves you from unnecessary thoughts and questions. You have lived with her for so many years. Everything is known and familiar with her. And you will never ask yourself the question that if the Lord invented love, then who invented hate? Because the Russians have God, and you have a national idea.